A New Nigeria


“Labour to keep alive in your breast that little spark of celestial fire called conscience.” – George Washington

A country of over 160 million people; Nigeria is made up of two religions chiefly: Christianity and Islam. Given the high moral values, the ethics, the principles, the character conducts exemplified in both; one may perfectly conclude that Nigeria will be an ideal example of good governance, of fairness, of justice, of high moral behavior, of low crime, etc. WRONG!

Take for instance councillors, Chairman, Governors, Ministers, heads of parastatals, MDAs, PAs, SSAs, Lawmakers, etc all belong to either of both religions (where they are not atheists!) How then do we have consistent indiscipline, flagrant abuse of power and ineffective leadership as consistent attributes to these leadership positions! Intolerance, Societal dysfunction, Crime escalation (some sponsored by these heads as thugs) and unprecedented corruption are amongst the shameful display we see all around…

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it is always like Ohhhh… MY GOD! Ohh.. save us Dear GOD !!! it is really and actually, a bundle of ironies.. for a nation that you can reaonably argue as: the richest nation on Earth….o hh, Sure, Nigeria – My dear lovely one and only country, is indeed, a painful bundle ofbitter ironies! …. Ohhhh….GOD !!! 😦 😦 😦